Saturday, November 21, 2015

Running Away ..

At times my mind goes blank..
My heart sinks into immense darkness..
A pang of guilt..
Me being the reason of your dis comfort..
I respect your choices..
You want your way..
But u got to listen to what I say..
All u hear is noise..
And u continue to go your way..
All you leave behind..
Is a broken me..
Who is stuck in between letting go..
Or give us a chance or two so..
Not sure if I can anymore..
Not sure I can understand myself some more..
Not sure i can repair my broken ego..
Not sure if you take things real slow..
I took the route to run away..
So u at least be happy n gay..
I have  forgotten to be myself around u..
Needing to process myself times not few..
I may run..but i want u to stop me..
And know my thoughts the way i see..
All I need is that twinkle in ur eye..
When u meet me..
That beautiful wide smile..
You give me..
That yearn to talk more often..
Laughs and jokes..gossip like old times..

I know I ask for too much..
Which u may do or not as such..
I maybe silent now..
Coz all I want is..
Is for you to get ready and come for me..

Till then..I just keep running away...

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